Redhorse, River

Joel and I had caught three nice channel cats here the night before. I also lost a couple of very large fish that ran downriver, stripping line from my baitrunner. Once night set in, Joel was pleasantly surprised with his pb hogsucker. First thing in the morning (June 16th), I put on a nice crawler I had picked out of the grass and casted perfectly into the River of Dreams. Within seconds, I got a very nice bite on my first cast of the day. It couldn’t have been a better fish. Joel would catch his later that morning. This is what angling should be. I am very grateful I have been able to fish on most of my days off this June. At nearly 27 inches, I believe this is my pb.
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Not everyday you get a PB redhorse, and to catch it on a crawler you just picked out of the grass, that's what June is all about. Awesome catch man! 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.