Redhorse ID Confirmations

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Redhorse ID Confirmations

Getting better at IDing redhorses but still am not all that confident. Here's what I think for the fish below........any corrections, insight, etc. are appreciated.


Fish 1: Black

Fish 2: Golden

Fish 3: Black

Fish 4: Golden

Fish 5: Golden

Fish 6: Golden

Fish 7: And a big 'ol silver.....




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I do believe

That you have all ID correctly

It is all perspective!

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Never seen a black.........

Never seen a black..........yet!  Reds were really hard for me to ID as well at first so I printed the chart from here:  If you don't already have it, this is the redhorse guru ID chart.  When we first started targeting horses this was a life saver.

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Although I've somehow never caught a Golden myself, I agree 100% with all your golden pic IDs because they definitely are not Shortheads, Greaters, or Silvers (all of which I've gotten), and they look exactly like the pics of Goldens I've seen online.

As for the Blacks, I have no idea because I don't know much about them. There's people on this site who are experts on them, though, so they probably know.

And I can confirm that last one is absolutely a nice beefy Silver! Quite a beautiful fish you got there.

Really nice pics, by the way!

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redhorse ID

Without looking too closely at them I think #1 might be a golden, and the rest you have identified correctly.  That #3 fish really looks like a black.  Cool fish, all of them.

Dr Flathead
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I agree with Andy.  I think

I agree with Andy.  I think the first is a Golden and the rest are all correctly ID'ed

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Thanks for the input guys!

Thanks for the input guys!


For that first fish the scale count could be slightly off. Seems to be right on the black/golden border, and you could probably make an argument that there's actually 43.  I concur that it could possibly be a young golden

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I agree with Andy- that first one is almost definitely a young Golden. There's a certain river around here where we catch them in droves.....

Congrats on the Black in the third picture though! And that spot with the Silver looks wicked awesome. It's also cool that it holds fish like THAT!