Redhorse, Greater

Almost made it a triple...

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Great job Tony!  I guess your greater redhorse idea worked...

Gary's picture

Good Lord, I can't decide if that is the most awesome thing ever or if it's just f'n obscene.
Unreal, dude. Way to hit it out of the park!

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


Hengelaar's picture

Awesome, dude!

Beautiful fish... And their tails are all intact and everything.

So cool.

Fishn sure is neat

TonyS's picture

Nope... my experimental spot blew up in my face.  woulda needed to bring my climbing gear to get at the fish... Or be dumb enough to hop fences into "get yourself shot territory"


This was a tried and true spot that I've never gotten around to trying.  Turns out it really is awesome!


I caught the 3rd one too, carbon copy of the lower one, but I couldn't reel it in while handling these two.  It was definately obscene.


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Best gat damn Greater spot in the laaannndd.

Glad you got em dude.

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Yup. Totally recognize that grass.

I'm only commenting so people can see the craziness that is this contest entry.