Redhorse, Golden

<p>This year's golden was really special. I had a wonderful time on my third fishing outing of June. The river was very difficult earlier in the day, but perserverance paid off and I finally found where all the fish were hanging out. Even so, sightfishing the redhorse today was very tough. There were Silvers, Goldens, Greaters and White Suckers in this area, but they were all super flighty,&nbsp;and the only one I had gotten to bite was a white sucker. When I finally hit the perfect drift to this fish and enticed a bite, it FREAKED OUT and immediately came off the hook! I was sure&nbsp;it was gone for good, but several minutes later it came back.&nbsp; I was convinced there was no way I could coax another bite out of a fish that had felt the hook, but in the waning minutes of time available to me, once again I was able to put the worm in just the right spot and the fish took the bait again. it freaked out even harder&nbsp;this time, jumping THREE times and screaming drag like&nbsp;it was a big Silver! When I finally got it in the net I couldn't believe my good fortune. It proceeded to grant me one of&nbsp;the best photosessions I&nbsp;have ever had with this species. Afterwards, it swam off into the middle of the river to a well deserved rest. What an awesome day.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
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