Redhorse, Black

During last years contest when reeling in a fish I snagged some fishing line with another fish attached to it and brought in a White Sucker, and a Black Redhorse. Sadly the Sucker was what was on my hook. One year later at the same spot, right at sunset, with the last of my worms I finally caught my lifer Black Redhorse!! 

Main Photo: 


andy's picture

Excellent specimen.

Hengelaar's picture

That's a beauty!

Fishn sure is neat

Goldenfishberg's picture

I totally had forgotten about what happened last year....yikes. BUT HEY redemption tastes so sweet!! Awesome Lifer, glad you got eem! 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Corey's picture

Yeah! This one is a very good example of the species.