Quality Specimens 2017

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Quality Specimens 2017

Through the hobby of lifelisting I have come to enjoy photographing my catches as much as I do finding and fishing for them. Nothing beats adding a new fish to the lifelist, but we all know not every day brings a new lifer so catching particularly large or beautiful specimens of the fish I catch often is the goal most of the time. I just figured out how to post photos to the forum (Finally) so I thought I'd share some of my favorite photos I got this year of (mostly) micros.

Fully colored male creek chub

Large male Rainbow Darter


A very Yellow Bullhead

Beautiful Male Steelcolor Shiner

A very large (at least for my area) male Longear Sunfish, Look at that forehead!

 This is the biggest striped shiner I have ever seen...... an absolute TANK. ~9"

My favorite fish picture I took of 2017, a stud male Central Stoneroller caught actively spawning. Perfect specimen.

Lets see those textbook patterned and jumbo sized small fish!

Mike B
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those are some beautiful pictures Roughfish. My favorite is the log perch.

mike b

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Yeah I agree with Mike. Those

Yeah I agree with Mike. Those are some high def beauties




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Awesome Stuff, Dude!

Beautiful photos!!

The Logperch and Steelcolor are my favorites. Guess they don't call em steelcolor fer nuthin, huh...

Fishn sure is neat