Post your roundup photos here!

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Post your roundup photos here!

Here are mine. Too tired to comment....





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Image galleries
Just a note that it makes it a lot easier to create the eventual Roundup report if you host your images in a batch image set here on the website. If you can, please do it. I can't wait to see some photos of all the cool stuff that happened!
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Awesome trip, we had a great time!!

Our first roundup and it was a blast!!  Thanks everyone for the hospitality and making this happen!  We took a bunch of pictures but something has changed on the batch image upload area, I can't figure out how to get them on there anymore, it's asking for a format or code or something and when I hit library I see everyone else's pics.  I'll work on it soon.  Thanks again gang really enjoyed meeting everyone.


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Batch Image Sets
Yeah, the multi-file upload thing quit working so I replaced it with the one-at-a time version, which always works. Takes awhile, maybe 20 seconds per photo. Click "My Photos", then "Add Batch Image Set", find the link to "add media" and add a pic, then click "Add Another Item" and do it again. We're going to fix it soon, but with the contest coming up we don't want to mess around with it too much.

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Here's some shots we took.

My upload for images still isn't giving me a pic option, it's giving me a message bar that says select media, when I click that a box pops up that says URL or Embed Code (No supported providers) on web tab, when I click library it pops up evreyone's pics that have already been uploaded along with mine.  So I uploaded the pics we took to my stonecat page as extras, I'm sure I've got something screwed up, I can move them later.

Here's some pictures and not really in any order, I tried to keep them close to the time they happened, however once the sun set on the Root the bottle bass began to bite feriously!!

Derby Pics:




Here is FP's first hogsucker, unfortunately it was hooked in the nose or head or something, I didn't see it, so he had to catch another one.

Here's a pretty cool series of pics, you can see the weight and swivel along with the fish in the bottom left corner of the first one:


FP's Bro and I caught several hogsuckers right around FP, while he was pulling in Silvers and Shorty's repeatedly still not another hog for him yet.


It was getting pretty funny as FP was fishing the same spots, with the same setups, but no hogsuckers for him LMAO  Then he finally hooked up with one square in the mouth, finally we could leave this spot, and go fish some other place.


Lifer Stonecats!!

Feeling no pain on the mighty Root River!!


The next morning up early (feeling alot of self induced pain) LOL

Please Add New Species:  Bloated highfin prickly puffer chub, an extremely difficult fish to catch, but a very easy one to hold on to once you have one.  Actually I'm really not sure what this is, some kind of chub I'd guess, any ideas? Stoneroller?

Saying good bye to Eagle Cliff!

A quick stop at the Lanesboro dam site before heading further north towards home!

And one final mystery fish caught right before we traveled out of the final reaches of the Root system, I'm guessing this is a creek chub of some sort, but the little orange spot on it's head was kind of cool, another new species add:  Blushing Creek Chub!


That's all we've got, thanks again gang, we really had an awesome time seeing & fishing the Root for the first time ever, making some great new  fishing pals, catching some cool new lifers and a nasty hangover, and enjoying the company of a super cool group of people!!  Fish on gang and have a safe and amazing summer!!


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Image help

When you click "Add New batch Image Set" (under MY PHOTOS), you'll get a "Select Media" link, like below. Click the "Select Media" link to grab a file.

On the screen that pops up, you must select the "Upload" tab, use the "Browse" button to choose a file, and then click "Submit". The image will be added.

You can then add more rows by clicking the "Add Another Item" button. This will create a row with another "Select Media" link for you to use as detailed above.

When finished, you MUST click the Save button at the bottom of the page.


Hope this helps!

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Some of those pictures are just epic. I need to go one of these years.


Dr Flathead
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Mystery fish #1   Central

Mystery fish #1   Central Stoneroller

Mystery fish#2  Hornyhead Chub

Those stonerollers are pretty neat during spawning season.

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