Pike, Northern

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Those are some of the strangest markings I've ever seen on a Pike!!

Cool catch!

Fishn sure is neat

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Neascus up the wazoo or what?!

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That is amazing. Are there some sort of parasite cysts all over it or is that the actually coloring? If that's the actual color pattern I'm at a loss for words. Anyone have any thoughts on what's going on here.

mike b

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Looks like something I've seen on other fish... pan fish mostly. This fish has it bad!!! I have seen it on the meat after cleaning them... no idea what it is or if it's the same thing.



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Yeah, that pond is notorious for pike covered in black parasites.  Never seen one quite this bad though.  Hardly even make out its markings at all. 

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it looks like TV static... somebody needs to adjust the bunny ears...

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Good ole black bore man! Those things felt like sand paper on him it was by far the worst I've ever seen! All up in the gills and mouth just nasty. Would sure hate to clean that. Extra protein!

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Yeah, I thought I've seen that before (see common shiner on my lifelist). Gruesome.

mike b

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That's too bad. Didn't realize that's what it was....

Poor Pikey.


Fishn sure is neat