Pike, Northern

<p>21" pike from one of the very first "roughfish" rivers I was ever introduced to all those years ago. Some higher power must have been taking pity on me, as I lost no fewer than THREE of them before finally landing this one. Watched every one of them&nbsp;smash the offering I served up, and my heart sank as they let go when I set the hook. The one before this one was a real beast, but I won't complain one bit since I was lucky not to leave completely empty handed today.&nbsp;</p>
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I didn't lose 3, but I lost one at the bank during the first weekend of the competition because I got impatient/excited and lost all of my angling skill and it flipped me off and swam away. When I targeted them later that week, I caught one on my literal last cast after 2 hours of casting. Beautiful looking spot you have there - glad you got one in the end!

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that dude made you work for it

Carpy Diem!