Petition to protect alligator gar from nighttime bowfishing

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Petition to protect alligator gar from nighttime bowfishing

Please take a minute and look at this petition.  Sign if you'd like to.



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Signed it on FB already and

Signed it on FB already and passed it on buddy.  Really hoping enough people can get the slaughter of this amazing predator stopped.  I'm not anti bow by the way but I'm extremely anti waste, if your'e not going to eat it don't kill it.


Tyler W

Seems like a no brainer. It could go further, but any rules protecting alligator gar ste better than none.

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To me it is amazing the threats to life that are happening over this!
There are people threating people over this on opposing sides like killing not just vague threats. I also read a direct threat of action that if bowfishing is stopped that the bow fishermen will work to get all fishing for gator gar against the law. From what I read this is going to get ugly and far worse than it is now.

It is all perspective!

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Dr Flathead
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Man, it's just ugly in

Man, it's just ugly in general. How they say their doing the world a favor by ridding it of gamefish eating gar. It's just an excuse to have target practice on living things, and a native species none the less. Hardly any of them are utilized for food purposes and the vast majority of bow shot fish just end up in dumpsters and ditches. Or simply released after being shot only to die an even slower death. These fish have been around since the dinosaurs, and mostly eat carp, buffalo and gizzard shad. Very important species to the food chain with regards to keeping those food fish numbers in check. These bowfishers don't think about things like this. Their just concerned about their  bowfishing tournaments and who shot the most and biggest fish . It's a big ass silly competition that really needs to change. 

Tyler W
I would say better to have

I would say better to have alligator gar completely protected than open for target practice. Sure, it would be sad not being able to target them with book and line, but not as sad as seeing them wiped out. For me, angling is about appreciating and learning about fish. You can do both of those things on a protected fish, but not so much for an extinct fish.