A PB at Twilight

Friday, September 22, 2017
Estimated somewhere from 15-20lbs

Well I'll be. Went up to my local buffalo spot to have some fun with somebody little guys before a busy weekend. Got lucky (some skill) with this fat momma inhaling the twister tail that I had so carefully placed in the whitewater. Set the hook and originally thought "flathead" as she stayed down for a few minutes. I was finally able to coax her up and saw that she was no flathead, but a beast BMB! After many gamefish supremacists (those who are allergic to any fish that doesn't start with "W" and end in "alleye") lost interest after seeing it wasn't a "gamefish", I came to a realization that I had no way to land this tanker. Thankfully, someone who was a true saint offered to lower their dropnet for me. I can thank my lucky stars they did. 

Safely Released.


andy's picture

That is a very cool catch.  You know those gamefish supremacists must have been a little bit jealous.

Hengelaar's picture

Awesome hecking catch, man!

That's a thick one!

Fishn sure is neat