PB Rock Beast!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Caught my PB Rock Bass yesterday trying to hunt down some Greater reds!  We were tipped by some bowfishers from last year and seen a pic of what were either nice greaters or world record shortheads, so we have been watching the river very closely for the last month.  We seen some shorts so we waded a long way up the river to a spot that had a deep hole, I'm pretty sure we seen some greaters actually jumping but none would bite.  I did catch 2 huge rock bass though this one was the biggest, we couldn't get  a measurement on it though as our stuff was way down the river in the truck, but we did take these pictures before letting it go again.  It also had a scar on it's side probably from a northern or a bowfisher, poor thing.


FishingPals4Life's picture

The last one I have it touching my face so you can see how huge it was!

Eli's picture

that's one of the biggest i've seen




tom's picture

nice catch!


Susquehannock's picture

That thing's a brute. Any estimates?


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I'm guessing over a foot and well over a pound, biggest one I've seen, we thought he had a decent largemouth on when he was reeling it in.

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The rum river had been my enemy for the past year. I have been fishing the upper stretches of the rum every time I'm headed up north. Most spots are around or North of Princeton. I have yet to catch or see any redhorse. Tons of smallies, white suckers, and rock bass if you guys have any tips I would appreciate them. I literally drive from the confluence on the mississippi past where it starts at mille lacs.
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Hey Donny,

Yeah, the Rum can be a bit of a b. You either have an amazing outing or strike out.PM sent.


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Carpy Diem!

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Woah, that's a BEAUTY!

Rock Bass are so cool, and that is a great specimen!

Fishn sure is neat

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You guys just haven't mastered the Rum yet ;) 

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That is a crazy ass rock bass. Congratulations dude!

mike b

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Very nice Rock, "coldwater Bluegill" basically, as far as abundance and fight!

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That's freaking awesome.

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Thanks gang, it put up a great fight!! 8)

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Thats the biggest rock bass I've ever seen.  I bet its all of a pound and a half, maybe bigger.  Nice one!

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megabeast! Congrats man!

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Holy! What a monster!
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That's one big Rock bass, congrats.

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Thanks pals!! 8)