PB Burbot

Monday, January 6, 2014

Caught bottom fishing Lake Superior in the fall with a dead smelt.  Actually my second or third Burbot ever.  Been trying for a while to top it catching a handful of 32"/33" fish and several 28"-31" fish.  One of these days I'll top 36" - and then Odin willing shoot for a 40"...


Dr Flathead's picture

Thats a long lanky ling

TonyS's picture

yup.  Probably some of my shorter Burbs were heavier but I like this one.  Summer/early fall Burbot are WAY more skinny than Winter or early Spring Burbs.  Even post-spawn they seem to put on weight fast gorging on spawning run Smelt...

Thomas Mosgaard's picture

nice one

Thomas Mosgaard's picture

The burbot is such beautiful fish, I have always considered it the fish version of Scarlett Johansson.