Notchlip Redhorse

Shovelnoser47 caught this flawless specimen of Moxostoma collapsum.


Corey's picture

Very cool fish.

Shovelnoser47's picture

Thank-ya sir! This guy took a few hours to finally track down. All you need is a raspberry brisk, couple worms, and patience.

I love getting out and enjoying some time on all rivers of Minnesota whether its to soak a gnarly bullhead all night for flats, or throwing a barrage of jigs at Pink Salmon, I love all types of fishing and can't wait to learn more and catch em' all.

roughfish29's picture

Str8 magic right there homie

Goldenfishberg's picture

Top Notch type stuff here man! Mmhmm I sure do like it, the raspberry brisk, now were black and milds also invloved here? I have to know. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.