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No More Record


I just found out that my Illinois State Record has been broken.  It stood for almost 20 years.  At least it wasn't beaten by an incidental catch.  Don Lawrence, the new record holder, is a GAR ANGLER!


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You had a good run. It's OK

You had a good run. It's OK to let someone else deal with the fame, money, groupies, and fan mail.


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Losing the record must suck,

Losing the record must suck, but I have to agree with you. Its better to lose it to someone that actually worked for it and respects the fish rather then some one who lucks into it.


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I know how you feel garman, after losing my golden redhorse record.  Held it for 7 years and then it was broken by a friend who is a redhorse afficianado.  Lessened the blow a little.


A little incentive to go break the record again.  Go get em!



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Who you lose it to

I held two Wisconsin records, both for short periods of time. The incidental catch hurt a lot worse than the targeted one.

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