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Nice to join you
hello friends
I’ve passively browsed this site for a while now but just now decided I would “sign up”.  The amount of knowledge and experience on this site is amazing.  I grew up in the rural woods of southern alabama, aka SPECIES HEAVEN right in my backyard.  but sadly I never really got into fishing until I hit the young age of 35, despite accompanying my dad to countless trips catching big river cats on skipjack and occasional awesome accidental catches.  now I am in urban Maryland and I enjoy fishing the waters around here, but also look forward to visiting home and exploring the creeks of my youth later this year.  Having 2 little kids and a wife who is the opposite of interested in fishing, plus a full time job, doesn’t leave a ton of time for fishing/exploring, and I KNOW many of you relate to that, but that just makes it all the more rewarding when I do get out.  I also like the layout and simplicity of this website and I look forward to uploading the rest of my lifelist photos soon (and adding to it later this year!).  happy almost-spring everyone :)
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Welcome Aboard

Welcome to the site, the folks here certainly are one of the greatest resources for fishing information on the internet in my opinion. My wife also isnt the biggest fan of how often I fish, but she understands that its very meditative for me and makes me less of a prick. Can also feel you on the two kids and a full time job..... luckily my daughter likes to fish and my wife likes a break from us both on occasion.

Eric Kol
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Hey man, glad you finally "signed up". There is a pretty cool thing happening over in this corner of the internet. I look foreward to seeing the lifelst as you get it set up.

Carpy Diem!

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Glad you signed up... you sound a lot like myself - started regularly fishing as an adult, didn't grow up fishing.  Married with two little ones.  A lot less fishing than I would like - but really makes me appreciate it even more when I can get out.

There is a huge amount of knowledge amongst the anglers here... and some very humble non ego maniacs.  Just down to earth good people that are awesome fishermen and women.  I just wish I lived closer to get to some of the events.

I look forward to seeing your posts and wish you well on your fish pursuits.

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