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A New Member Thread
I am new to this site and didn't find a "Welcome New Member" type thread. If there is I'd appreciate it being pointed out to this lost soul. Otherwise, here's my info: I'm a born and bred central NYer, been tying for over 50 years, and I like to host fly swaps on my other fishing sites - been doing that for 13 years now. During 2020 (AKA the year lost to COVID) I set-up a 6-month long, 5-part series of swaps covering the basics that was open to newer tyers. I figured that with no classes available AND the fact that many people were taking up new hobbies to kill time the idea would fly. I gave support and feedback on their ties and the idea florished so well that I had to split 4 of the swaps in two because of the sign-ups! I am currently wring a book designed for new tyers. It is designed so that they may catch ANY freshwater species, not just trout/salmon or bass/panfish. I live around a lot of box-of-chocolate type fishing spots - these are small lakes/ponds/gravel pits that have a stream/small river running through them. You cast and you are never quite sure what might hit on your fly (heck, I'm happy for a fish stick on a slow day!). I hope to learn from and contribute to this site and look forward to this new experience with you all. Kim
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Introductions are not mandatory so I don't think there's a dedicated location for them and people can make a forum post if they would like to. I look forward to your contributions!

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Good to have you here

Welcome aboard!  We used to host fly swaps on the site here too, maybe if you're enthusiastic enough about it folks would be interested.   I'd do it.  Got some great mooneye, carp and gar flies for sure.

I would like to host some

I would like to host some swaps here.  First, I LOVE to use swaps to help newer tyers to learn this hobby and more experienced tyers to polish their skills as well as field test their own fly patterns.

Also, I'm putting together a fly tying book for newer tyers and am always on the lookout for patterns that could be included.  The book is designed for fishers, not trout fishers or salmon fishers or carp... or bass... but any freshwater fish species.  Here in central NY I am surounded by many fine flat and running water fishing sites including some box-of-chocolates water.  These are ponds/small lakes/gravel pits that have either a stream/river running through it.  Many a species can be found in these waters and you are never quite sure will be on the end of your line.

My swaps are open to all level tyers and each participant gets a fly tying gift or two from me.  Been tying for over 50 years and living by the credp that "He who dies with the most toys wins!" so this might just give me some more room in my house!  Thanks for your interest.


BTW, there are also 4 different wine TRAILS within a 2 hour drive from my house.  A shore lunch is a little more special around here!