Wednesday, August 8, 2018

  This is probably of the longest running fish nemesis I had.  I first decided wanted to catch one in the late 90s and failed many times.  The first post to this website that I can recall was 2002/2003 asking for suggestions to try and catch the many non -feeding bigmouth I had seen in a LRC oxbow.  After  all that time, this was a notable catch for sure. Of course it was also a good night of hanging out with good company watching the Mayflies hatch and molt. Thanks to Tyler W for the spot/technique and the net and camera work.


Outdoors4life's picture

You had not caught a bigmouth yet?
Those buggers I tell ya! What is the next white whle for you. 

It is all perspective!

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andy's picture

Man, that is a sweet fish that is definitely worth the struggle to catch.  Great specimen, big congrats from me!

And if I'm not mistaken, you've now earned the Buffalo Soldier badge -

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Man, that is awesome, big time congrabs!
So that's what the secret attempt was! Man, I didn't even think of that.

What a sweet photo, too.

Awesome stuff.


Fishn sure is neat

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 Yeah, this was my last buffalo.  Local lifers are getting harder!  Next actual semilocal attempts will probably be Pink Salmon or Gizzard Shad but I'm sure that elongated blue fish will long be a nemesis.  Tyler did take a good pic.  Helped that the fish was semi cooperative 

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These were one of my longest running nemesis’ as well, such a picky and wary fish at times.

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Finally got around to it, I see. And all while disobeying the primary rule of Bigmouth fishing...

Pretty awesome to see you get this fish. Next stop: Fixed line!