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Mystery Micro

Hi guys,

I was micro fishing about a month ago from the shore of the Saint Croix river (at Point Douglas, the intersection of the St. Croix and the Mississippi) and caught this little guy. I suspect that he is an Emerald Shiner but am very inexperienced in identifying micros. Any help is appreciated.

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I'm no expert on Notropis but

I'm no expert on Notropis but it looks more like a Sand or Mimic Shiner to me. 

Thank you for your response!

Thank you for your response!

I have been reading this website a lot the past few days and have identified it as either a mimic or a channel shiner. Unfortunately, they are almost impossible to tell apart. I conducted standard length measurements, dorsal fin lengths, and scale widths, but every ratio landed perfectly in the indefinable zone. I guess as they said in the description, not all individuals can be identified.


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I am leaning towards a sand

I am leaning towards a sand shiner due to:


"distinct  dark mid-dorsal stripe in front of tjhe dorsal fin"


hard to tell from the picture though.