My First Redhorse!

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Redhorse, Notchlip

At the urging of Tim Aldridge, I made a trek out the the Eno River in NC to join him in his pursuit of the Roanoke Bass. In typical Tim fashion, he got there before the sun came up and started catching fish right away. As I am driving out to meet him, he sends me a picture of a Redhorse that he just caught. I put the pedal to the metal, hoping to get to the spot before the bite dies, dreaming of landing my first redhorse the whole way. I get to the spot, toss out my rigs, and set my rods in their holders. Not 5 minutes goes by, and one of my rods gets slammerd! I quickly pick it up and set the hook. The fish pulls back and I know it has some decent size to it; as it nears the shoreline I catch a glimpse of the fishes body but I couldn't tell if it was a carp or redhorse. The fish gets angry as it sees land and goes beserk, performs some aerial stunts and rips some drag. After a few more seconds, I get the fish to the bank and I can clearly see it is a Redhorse! I am pumped as I net it, I snapped some quick photos and quickly returned it to the water. Not too shabby for my second sucker.


Casey1's picture

So glad you got one!

Hengelaar's picture

That is one hells of a sweet Redhorse to get as your first one!


Fishn sure is neat