MN Lifetime angling license - good deal or no?

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MN Lifetime angling license - good deal or no?

Seriously considering purchasing one, but pretty pricey. I like the convenience of the one-time for life fee payment, and wildlife mngt fund this supports, but don't all annual outdoor license fees go to this same fund anyway? Also, apparently trout stamps aren't included in the lifetime license and must be purchased annually at an additional fee regardless. I'm just not sure if a lifetime angling license is worth the high price upfront...any thoughts on this?

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Good idea

I think it is a good idea if you are relatively young yet.

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Lifetime fishing license

I think that the lifetime licence is a great idea if you're in your thirties and forties (or younger). It will be ultimately cheaper if you're fairly young at current prices, and there's always the distinct possibility that annual licence prices will rise in the future.