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 JKnuth wrote:


Well what a day!!!
I spent the last few months studying, I watched Videos on Youtube of feeding whitefish, I got tips from friends and other fishermen and was able to put it all together.

I am still SUPER excited as this is one Ive been after for a while. So I apologize for being long winded.

We started out early in the morning, I drove down to pick up my dad, then we headed up to Green Bay.
We got out on the bay around 11:00 am.
The first target was on the edge of the shallow water in 17' we found sand bottom, but no fish. We jigged for 20 minutes then headed in shallower.
We found a spot with rocks in 13' of water. perfect!

We started out jigging. A small brass jighead with w green plastic tail tipped with the head of a minnow was my pic from the box.
My dad set up with a tiny fathead on a bare hook with a small weight.

10 minutes in we were discussing how this trip is a learning experience and if we don't get a fish this time its still good.
A few minutes after that I felt a dull thump, rather undramatic then dead weight. WOOT!!! Fish on. It wast too much of a fight, just a dull waving but soon we saw the flash of silver in the hole.
With a scoop of the hand the Whitefish was on the ice. My first whitefish landed! and the first fish of the year.
During the photos the slippery little guy shot out of my hand and RIGHT back down the hole. I couldn't stop laughing.

Soon my dad had a hook up on his minnow. The whitefish made it all the way to the hole then pulled loose right at the surface.

After a few hours we ended up with 5 fish sadly the lake didn't give up any Whitefish for my dad. :(
He lost two fish in a fight and had several other nice hits. Their mouths are so soft and dont hold a hook well.
Next time he will put a Whitefish on the Ice!!!!! Next week perhaps even.

So I ended my evening with Fresh whitefish baked with onions. YUM!!!! Some of the best fish Ive ever had baked.

Here are some pics of the day.

Driving out on the bay. (Look at the massive shanty town on the horizon)

Dad jigging by the car. The size of the bay is daunting.


Down in a hole

BINGO! about 2 seconds after this he shot out and back into the lake.

Another one in the hand. This one a bit bigger.

The ones that went home with us. The bigger one 21.5" is going on the wall.

There goes the sun.

It was a Hoot.
Thanks for all the tips gang! you guys have helped me get so many additions to my lifelist.
Its very appreciated!