It only took me 20 years

Sunday, July 2, 2017

So, ever since I started fishing about 20 years ago I have been dreaming to catch a wild goldfish. And today that dream became real. Now to most of you this might seem like nothing but for me it was one of 4 fish on the top of my list. So now I just need to catch a sturgeon , koi carp and a 4 foot plus catfish :)


FP4LifesDad's picture

Awesome dude, big congrats!  I'm still looking for those lil orange SOB's myself!

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thanks FP4LifesDad, hope you'll get one soon :)

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I just found my goldy spot last weak! But I forgot to bring the bread,dough,or corn. It seemed they were interested with my piece of crawler but once they saw what my bait was they went away. My brother had one on with a peanut that was left in the car one day lol.

Michieldewit's picture

I got this one on a small piece of worm but it took me like 2 hours to get a decent bite

IsaacsFishingCorner's picture

Man that is awesome! I've only ever seen one and he would not touch anything I tossed to him. Huge congrats on that catch!

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Thanks Isaac

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Nice specimen to add to your list! They really are a difficult species to catch, even more so than Common Carp.

2019 Species Goals:

Burbot (), Longnose Gar (), Longear Sunfish (), Chain Pickerel (), 2 new Catostomids (), 5 new micros ()

Michieldewit's picture

Yeah I catch carp often and they are much easier to catch, also a lot easier to find around here :)