Hybrid Cutthroat??

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Trout, Cutthroat

What have we here? The body is very much a Colorado Cutthroat but the head looks a little Brook Trouty. Thoughts?

Caught on Lake Agnes in State Forest State Park, CO. 10,290 ft


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To my knowledge Brookies and Cutts don't hybridize.  This looks like a textbook Colorado Cutthroat from what I saw when I used to live there.  Head is a little odd but nothing that would make me suspect hybridization, probably just individual variation or an older male fish perhaps

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I don't think that brookies and cutts can hybridize. It's an interesting question, but I think that the western trouts are just too different from brookies and other chars taxonomically for that to work. But I'm not exactly an expert, and if you really want to be sure you might want to contact a state biologist.

Looks like a pretty awesome cutthroat, though.


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I think that's just an absolutely gorgeous cutt.  Never read anything about cutthroat and brook trout hybridizing.  Sweet fish!

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It's just a cutthroat male with lots of hormones.

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Cutts and Brookies can't hybridize. Cutts and Rainbows can, but like everyone else has said, your fish looks all cutthroat to me.

Congrats on a very beautiful fish!


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Classic case of cutty-brook-bow.  More rare than the cutty-rain-brown

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Good call Hank Patterson! lol