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Hogsucker ID...

I was lucky enough to get my lifer hogsucker today, a real milestone for me! The hogsucker in question was caught in the Roanoke River and the lips look a little funky to me, leading me to believe that this may be a Roanoke hogsucker. However, I may just be wanting to see a Roanoke hogsucker badly enough that it is clouding my judgment, so I'd like a second opinion. Either way (Northern or Roanoke), I'm thrilled to have added another cool lifer!

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I think its too big for Roanoke

Roanoke are listed here as a micro, I think they only get to like 6 or 7 inches and yours looks bigger than that. Either way lifer hog sucker is lifer hog sucker, nice fish!

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Thanks for the response! Size

Thanks for the response! Size definitely does matter in this case and you are right, this specimen is a little too big to be a Roanoke, although the lips do look somewhat plicate to me and the saddle on the nape is very faint (two characters more consistent with a Roanoke). Maybe a hybrid? Nonetheless, I'll likely enter it as a Northern hogsucker for the contest.

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That's a tough one but I'm

That's a tough one but I'm leaning toward Northern Hogsucker based on its size (I estimate 7.75" based on the size of the button) and lateral line scale count (about 45) but its hard to get good counts from these lower resolution photos. If you have higher res versions then maybe you can get better counts. Northerns typically have 44-54 lateral line scales and 16-19 rays in each pectoral fin. Roanokes have fewer of both; 39-44 lateral line scales and 14-16 pectoral fin rays. Roanokes rarely exceed 6.0-6.5".

Nice catch, btw!