Hello Dolly

Friday, August 18, 2017
Dolly Varden
32 inches

Spent 8 days rafting north of the Arctic Circle on the Wulik River. Targeting sea run Dolly Varden has been a long time trip I wanted to make. No disappointments on the 60 mile trek to the Chukchi Sea. Lots of Dollies, Salmon and Arctic Grayling and only 3 bears. Dollies average 7-9 lbs and take just about anything you throw at em, my Glory fish came on the last day, a brute that went somewhere in the 20 lb range. Probably never catch another Dolly this big in my lifetime. 


Susquehannock's picture

Okay, I'm jealous. That's a real brute of a fish and caught on a dream trip, too.


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That's a Dream Trip and a Dream Fish!


Fishn sure is neat

Mike B's picture

Yep, pretty amazing. Congrats man.

mike b

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Man that's a sweet fish!

How do you distinguish it from a true Arctic Char?




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Wow, what a monster.

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A little hard to tell from this photo but a Dolly will have smaller and more spots (less than the size of your pupil) than an Arctic char, and an Arctic char's spots are orangey-cream-coloured.

mike b

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That is a LARGE dolly varden!  Simply mazing, great catch.

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What a tank, and that icy hue on the side of the fish is sick! Great job, super jealous of a Dolly that size.

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The only known species of Arctic Char in Alaska are found in lakes... REf: ADFG

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The JediMaster is correct in most instances.  Charr are almost always related to a lake system where dollies are in river systems.  The Wulik River has the largest strain of northern dolly varden (salvelinus malma malma).....the WR came from those waters.  That one is a beauty.