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Hello! Amateur angler and student in fisheries, brought here by "Goodbye to 'Rough Fish'" (https://doi.org/10.1002/fsh.10660) I started tryng to fish last year during the pandemic but got quickly discouraged. After reading this I found you guys, and microfishing, and I'm looking to try doing a lifelist! I really adore the tiny fish, and I keep danios at home. I like to freshwater and saltwater snorkel and dive, and I find that in the NE even our native saltwater fishes go underappreciated (Ive talked to several people who see me snorkeling around beaches here haha). Just saying hi, and introducing myself. Looking to get more educated on native fishes!
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Welcome! I'm new here too, but totally relate. I stumbled upon microfishing from this site and it opened a whole new universe of fish to me. I really have enjoyed seeing all these species up close. I'm also being challenged at learning how to identify everything, especially Shiners, which have been my constant struggle...

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Welcome to Roughfish.com. I found this website about 13 years ago... and it CHANGED MY LIFE. That is not hyperbole. No longer am I shackled to game fish and fishing seasons. Now I run free... catching fish willy nilly all the live long day. And it is great. #Roughfishlife 


There is so much left to learn about our native fish. And catching them is a great way to learn about them. Enjoy the life list chase. 

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Welcome! The best part about

Welcome! The best part about being new to fishing is that there are so many opportunities for learning, especially with the open-minded approach to species