Headed to Ontario

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Headed to Ontario

I'm going to be in Kitchener, Ontario the first week of October and was wondering if anyone had any good spots they'd be willing to share. Perhaps this is too late in the year for many warm-water species-I'm not familiar with that climate.

Species of interest include:


Northern Sunfish


Rock Bass

All sucker, especially any of the redhorse

Grass Pickerel

Northern Pike


Yellow Perch


Brook Trout

Lake Trout

I'm probably missing a few, but I'll edit if I think of any others.

Any help is appreciated.


Amia Calva
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Kitchener is right on the Grand River and just few minutes away from the Thames, so lots of good fishing, although I am not too familiar with the area. I'll send you a PM with what I know, I've fished a few spots a short drive from Kitchener, but never in the city itself. 

Trout will be out of season, unless you fish the Great Lakes. 




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