Golden Silverside

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Golden Silverside

Anyone have any idea how to catch these fish. Ive tried several times but cannot seem to get them i use size 30 hooks. Cant seem to get them to bite 

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Tanago hooks for sure,

Tanago hooks for sure, silversides like the bait dragged across the surface. They seem to lose interest if the bait goes below their line of sight.

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I agree with RoughFish, that dragging the bait across the surface is your best bet. However, goldens just aren't that aggressive in my experience. I targeted them for hours at a large lake without any interest. The one that I did catch took more than 20 minutes of trying before it finally took the bait. A micro fly would work well I imagine, if they existed. 

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I've never really had trouble catching golden silversides. I've caught them on size 20 hooks but tanago are your best bet. They're extremely aggressive and jealous. I suggest finding a large school to trigger a frenzy. At lake Baldwin I can't get away from them. It literally gets annoying.

Jessel Sanchez

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Thanks man. Maybe I'm fishing

Thanks man. Maybe I'm fishing bad spots for them!