Gar, Spotted

<p>What a treat. Blasted this guy with a rapala while wading in a giant rushing river in southern IL. I was SO scared he was gonna shake the hook before I netted him!!! The river gods smiled on me and I had to use a pliers to get it out of his snout!!&nbsp;</p>
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Dude, you be into some stuff!

This looks like that one place we stopped for a lil while a coupla years ago. Tony got his yeller bass, but we didn't cross and go down to this part.


Man, Spotted Gar are so awesome looking! Look at his SPOTS!!!!

Fishn sure is neat

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Super stoked when I saw him on the end of the line, only thing I could think of was HURRY HURRY HURRY to get him in the net before he came off!

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