Fishing and Microfishing Florida

I escaped from North Carolina to fish in Florida for a little less than a week. I microfished more than anything and was able to bring in 22 total species, including 8 lifers.

American Eel


Eastern Mosquitofish

White Catfish

Spotted Sunfish

Channel Catfish

Redbreast Sunfish

Coastal Shiner

Yellow Bullhead



Silver Perch

Sheepshead Minnow

Gulf Killifish

Marsh Killifish

Diamond Killifish

Metallic Shiner

Bluenose Shiner

Seminole Killifish

Lined Topminnow

Golden Silverside

Redeye Chub


BradleyR's picture

Great pics bro! The Flier and Sheepshead Minnow are my favourites :) Any of them stand out in particular to you?

taldridge0321's picture

Thanks bro! Personally my fav is the Metallic Shiner and Seminole Killi, but the trip isn't over yet!