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Fish ID help


I caught this fish roughly 4 years ago and still cannot figure it out. I caught it in east Texas at mary jo peckham park. I am certain it is something in the carp family but am not sure what exactly. I dont know if i posted my question in the right place either as i am new to this page. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!

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Photo not working, at least

Photo not working, at least for me. Can you try to upload it again?

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Can you view this one?

Can you view this one?

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Posting pics on this site is

Posting pics on this site is difficult upload it publicly somewhere and put the link here it’ll be easier

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Easy Peasy Just Different

Check out this article on how to post pics. It is just not as easy as facebook to post pics. 

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Thank you i added it and
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C. Carpio

I'd say common. Neat looking one though

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Common Or Koi

I gotta agree with Fishnerd, Common Carp or Koi, both count as the same species Cyprinus carpio on here (although there is some debate that Koi should be their own species)

It is not a goldfish because it has barbels, goldfish have 0 barbels on the mouth, carp have 2 on each side, hybrids usually have 1

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I'd probably call this a koi, but for roughfish lifelisting purposes it doesn't really matter whether it's a common or a koi.


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Ditto on the Koi

I agree with the others.  Koi.


Have you tried asking The American Carp Society?


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Think this was already ID'ed

Think this was already ID'ed by the above members of this site.