First Tiger!!

Tuesday, October 24, 2017
44 Inches

Caught this fishing for tigers for my scrapbook, 14 fish left to catch now!  She fought way better then my standard musky and wouldn't come up off the bottom like a sturg!  When I finally got her to the surface and dad went to get her head in the net, the unthinkable happened!  The rapala hooked the front of the net so she couldn't go in, she started thrashing then and I thought for sure we would lose her!  Dad flipped the net around behind her though and she folded into to it still stuck to the front of it! Thanks dad!  We let her go again after a few quick pictures, what an amazing pretty fish!!


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Wow, that is a beauty!  A 44 inch Tiger is a heck of a first Tiger.  And on a lure too, which is even cooler.  Congrats!  What are the 14 species left on your list?

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Thanks Doc, I actually caught her on the same "As seen on TV blinking twitching lure" that I got my regular musky on, apparently they really like those.

I'm trying to catch every fish that has a MN state record, the ones I have left are either hard to catch or a long ways from home.  Here is a list of them any tips from anyone would be awesome! 

American eel, coho salmon, chinook salmon, atlantic salmon, black buffalo, blue sucker, smallmouth buffalo, highfin carpsucker, river carpsucker, flathead catfish, river redhorse, longnose sucker, round whitefish, and tiger trout.  Some of these I don't think are very hard they are just a long ways from home and some of them are so rare they may never be caught, but the fun is trying!!

I also added some fish that don't have records like black redhorse, spotted sucker and invasives, but the ones with records are the ones we've been hunting for and researching the most, it seems like each trip we take we get a little closer and learn a little more, then finally bang! Got eem!

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Awesome fish man! Tigers are some of my favorite fish to go after. A local lake of mine is infested with little tigers. I got some advice for carpsuckers if you're willing to sacrifice a bit more sanity. Try blindfishing for them in places where there is competition among bottom feeders. Places with suckers, redhorse, carp, and drum are present are keys. Typically, from what I've found, carpsuckers in areas where there is competition won't pass up a meal like a small redworm. Unlike in creeks and smaller bodies where there's less competition they can be more selective. You'll weed through a LOT of other fish (maybe even a black buffalo). Look for slightly faster, sandier water where you can hold a 1oz weight. If the weigh doesn't hold. The current is too fast. Use circle hooks too. You'll need em.

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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Thanks Case!  We need to try and find someplace where we know they are at, and we're trying to stay in MN, but plan to travel down by you for some of the non record ones like silver, bighead, and grass carp, oh and skipjack herrings!

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That's a very nice fish!  Congratulations buddy.  

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Awesome catch, dude!
Great looking fish.

Fishn sure is neat

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Thanks guys!