Finally stuck myself with a hook

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Finally stuck myself with a hook

I’ve been fishing for about 50 years and I go a lot. Of course I have been poked many, many times by hooks, but incredibly have never buried the barb. Until yesterday!

Wade fishing a small clear creek in Illinois and having an incredible day- dozens of big smallies, a couple of nice walleyes, a small channel cat and a big pike (for a creek, anyway!)

No bait, all with lures. So I get a small crankbait stuck in the weeds on the other side of the creek. When I yank on the line to get it unstuck the thing shoots like a rocket straight at my forearm and two points from one of the two trebles stick in my arm. One is down to the barb- yikes!

I pop the other one quick and easy and try to decide what to do (I am alone). At this point still no pain. Considered pushing it through and debarbing it, but I recall seeing a youtube video where a guy just yanks it out of his skin. So I started tugging on it with my pliers and it still wasn’t hurting, even though it was stretching my skin out. Our skin is really tough. So I stayed on it with the pliers and it finally just popped out and hurt just a bit. Hardly any blood. I let out a yell, mostly because I was happy!

As of today I can’t even find where I got stuck. Was a bit worried about infection, but nothing showing up. So at least now I know I can handle small hooks stuck in me if it happens again.

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Yeah I'd gladly accept a shot of whiskey after any self-hooking incident.  Glad it all worked out okay for you.

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I think I had a double gin

I think I had a double gin and tonic with dinner that night.

"We don't fish for the fish. Ninety percent of what I like about this sport -- and it is a sport -- is sitting in the boat doing nothing. And the icing on the cake is when God smiles on you and you hook one." - Hank Hill