Eric Kol Wins Species Derby at Roundup 2017!

Eric Kol caught 7 species and won the 3 hour Species Derby at Roundup 2017.  This is the THIRD TIME he has held the Silver Redhorse Trophy!   Big congrats Eric.


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Awesome Eric, big congrats on the win and it was nice meeting ya!

Eric Kol's picture

Thank you! and it was nice to meet you too. What a great weekend for you all to make it down.

Carpy Diem!

Dr Flathead's picture

I'm putting a gps tracking device on the Subaru next year.  I will learn your secrets one of these years...     Very impressive that you have won it 3 times now.

Graceclaw's picture

I think I'll just bring a knife to slash his tires with instead. Much more immediately gratifying than a GPS.

Jknuth's picture

Are you kidding. 
This dude runs marathons for FUN!! who does that? 
First guy that did it friggan died. And he does it for FUN! 

You will need to chop him at the knees.  and even then I think he woudl kick out butts with bloody stumps. 

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Guy's a maniac.


Fishn sure is neat

Eric Kol's picture

Just got lucky. And extra lucky to spend bank time with my friends. 

Carpy Diem!