Dog (or Cat) Days in Central Iowa

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Casey Shanaberger
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Dog (or Cat) Days in Central Iowa

Been getting a lot of good fish this summer in the central parts of Iowegia, with low waters and congregated fish, things couldn't be going much better.

The Creeks

This summer has treated the creeks VERY well. Many cats, drum, and even a few miscellaneous bass have managed to find my baits. For some reason, the carp have been fairly absent from last years haunts and I've only been able to connect with a few.

 4.5 Lb. Wiper

Beautiful Largemouth

Can't forget the smallies!


A long whiskered channel kitty

The creeks around here have had a pretty off year for precipiation (at least in the spring) where we had a gullywasher every other day during April. Thankfully, as May and June came along the creeks began to level out and gave me a fairly steady low water level for over a month.

The Des Moines River

Ah, the good ol' DSM River. I used to have AWFUL luck in this body of water. Thankfully, the tides have changed this year. So far, it's only the end of July and I've already pulled 5 lifers out of here. And there's still more I'm looking for in the river that never runs clear. So far the lifers have been:

Bigmouth Buffalo


Flathead Catfish

Quillback (yeehaw!)

Highfin Carpsucker (HELL YES!)

The Nipple!


Flathead Chub


Not a lifer, but still HUGE!


The Other Big Fish

14 Lb. Grass Carp

This one was a fun one. This pond is loaded with giant grass carp that are 3 to 4 times bigger than this one. I feel that I was blessed enough by the fish gods for him to slurp in that piece of white bread. If any of y'all want to come to Des Moines I could give you a pretty good chance of getting one of these whales. They're nothing but fun.

Apart from the fish slime, that is.


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Bunch of great fish there

Congrats on some good fishing, I'd sure like to get down there to catch a grass carp some time!  Sounds fun.

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Des Moines monsters

You have been getting some pretty epic fish lately. Nice.


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Dude nice freaking fish!

Dude nice freaking fish! Those all look like they'd be super fun to catch. Holy Highfin!!!!


That Grass Carp has me quite envious man. I've been wondering about the Grass Carp in that area for a while. Pretty encouraging to see you having some action with them down there.


Keep up the good work brotherman!

Carp Chaser
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Great stuff Casey! Yeah the

Great stuff Casey! Yeah the highfin is jaw dropping... and the bigmouth buff and grass carp, I could go on and on. That area is full of good fish.

"There's always a bigger fish"

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Those are some purty fish.

I'm going to have to fish with you sometime... I go down to Des Moines quite a bit to visit family. Lost what would have been my lifer bigmouth at that spillway a couple years back. But the grass-carp pond looks especially tantalizing. 

Nice work!

All fish are beautiful.

Casey Shanaberger
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Just send me a PM if you're around

Just send me a PM if you're around and we can organize a time to meet up. Just about every pond around here has a few grass carp in it, but this one is loaded with many grassies who are typically very easy to cast to. The other great part about this pond is that it's a spring fed pond which stays clear even in the heaviest rains. Sightcasting gets exciting.

2017 Undisputed Iowa Small Drum and Creek Chub Champion

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The chub is actually a silver

The chub is actually a silver chub