Carpsucker, Quillback

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And that is the look of a serious competitor.  Nice catch man!!!

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Now that's pretty awesome!

Your momma fishes for lifers with Eagle Claws.
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That's the way ehh!

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Nice work, D.T.

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Crazy deal on this fish. I have only caught two other quillys before. One was just bottom riggin a crawler sucker fishin and caught the one in my lifelist picture. That was just a blind ass luck. Well the one before this was a sight fished catch. And last night after work I walked across the bridge on the Zumbro where I live and saw a pod of Quilly's in the shallows. But they saw me too and boogied. But I figgered they'd prolly come back so I went down along the bank and hid in the weeds. Casted my crawler chunk out and waited. And waited. In the stinging neddles and grass. But nothing bit and so I decided to stand up and look to see if they came back or not. Nope, they didn't. SO I decided to reel in. Damn it, I was snagged. SO I hadta wade out and get it. Such relief getting my legs wet. Them neddles suck! Well then I decided to check the other shallows to my right. There they were. I was hidden very well behind the bridge pillar. I lobbed my bait out in front of one. I saw it cruise towards my bait and hover over it then move on. No line twitch or nothing. So I reeled in and pitched it out in front of it again. Never spooked it. This time was different. It stayed hovering over my bait for a few seconds. Then when it moved my bait was gone. No line twitch, no tap tap, just my missing bait. So, I did what I do. "Gave it the onions". Wow, the thing just exploded and jumped outta water and finally came to shore. I was really worried I mighta foul hooked it. But I didn't, it was in the mouth stuck in the lower lip. Booyah!

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Kickass dude! That's an awesome way to kick off the contest.

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That is the fun way to catch em.

It is all perspective!

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You da Ol' man! Nice catch buddy!


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Dude gets another damn Quillback!

That's awesome, man. What a sweet catch!

I want one baddddd.


Fishn sure is neat

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Wow man we dont see many of these caught, and you have to be both lucky AND good in order to bag one of these beauties. Way to stalk him like a ninja and come out on top!!!

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