Carp, Silver

Caught this on my last cast after trying for hours in the hot sun in front of some kids who were trying to snag fish. Felt very good to reel in this, a Shortnose Gar, and a Bighead Carp that were all fair hooked while they "caught" nothing.

"haha look at that boi's!"

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Goldenfishberg's picture

just insane the amount of people throwing giant 14/0 trbble hooks at carp, more insane is they think they are hot shit! Glad you stuck it to those numbskulls way to go Marge!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Fishaholicsanonymous89's picture

Thanks! It's pretty hard to see and extremely hard to focus when you're surrounded by that crap. I am suuuper happy I was able to get everything I was after.  

Eric Kol's picture

Nice going! That place is a human zoo

Carpy Diem!