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Lifer, and on a fly I tied yesterday. I got at least 6 takes, but they mostly spit the fly before I could set it and the 2nd-to-last one broke off at the net. Finally kept one on and got it in the net. 

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Nice catch Gunnar!  

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Hey Gunnar,

Congrats on the lifer!  So did your hands shake and knees get noodly when the first 6 fish spit out the fly knowing you were so close to a lifer/contest species?  Breakin one off at the net must have added to the excitement.  I dropped two species so far this month right out of my hands before getting the pic.  Grrrr.


oh- great pin (and shirt lol)

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I was a little tense. It was worse than them just spitting it. A couple were on very briefly, so I got the initial hit of adrenaline and dopamine, followed by the frustration of not hooking up. Unlike most of these experiences, though, I was very confident it would work out because they were unfailingly interested in the fly. The one that wasn't landed involved my friend working the net and he was feeling terrible about it. He was more relieved than I was when I ran over with the next one doubled over and overflowing my trout net.

And thanks.


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That is too awesome for words... way to go man!

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