Carp, Common

Got my dad to drive me 80 miles and fish with me in a thunderstorm for the last day, but man the fishing was awesome, caught this carp, a couple channel cats, and tons of goldeyes and smallmouths!

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I know you tried a few times for a carp, so big congrats on this awesome catch!!!

TonyS's picture

Nice!  Carp are not an easy catch, I know I've been Carp-less on a contest or two in the past...

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Hey carp were pretty tough this year, usual spots were not producing around here. Phil and I had to go on a road trip to get ours so nice catch, and congrats on winning the kids contest, even though it's not official yet. 15 species is a real nice number.

"There's always a bigger fish"

FishingPals4Life's picture

Thanks guys!  I have been chasing them, there were some huge ones jumping out of the water but they wouldn't bite, I think they were teasing me on purpose! 8)

TonyS's picture

Ha!  Yeah the jumpers will drive you nuts - they are usually active spawners - pretty much impossible to get them to eat.  But when there are jumpers around you can usually find a few feeding in the neighborhood with a little looking.