Carp, Common

<p>What a whale... one of the most challenging battles I've ever had with Suckerslayer (the infamous magical crimson rod I've been wielding for several seasons now.) This thing went wherever the hell it wanted to for quite a while, with several screaming runs back into the river when he approached shore. By the time I got him in, my arms hurt. One of my best heavyweight fights to date - always sweeter when you win. It still had plenty of fight left in it when it swam back off into the deep.&nbsp;</p>
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Goldenfishberg's picture

Dats a heck of a carp dere Gary Yeehaw! Love when they put up a good tussle!

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Graceclaw's picture

Sounds like a Root River Demon fight! Glad you got it - the release pic is amazing.