Bullhead, Brown

<p>They&#39;re hard to track down, but once we found &#39;em every one we&#39;ve come by has been a big one. (all pics are of same fish)</p>
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Nice pigs! On a side note, they look to be blacks and not browns. It's anal fin ray count is between 18 and 21, putting it as a black. Some less critical characteristics that point to black are the solid coloration a such a large individual, mostly dark chin barbels, and deep yellow coloration. I'm pretty sure it's a black, anyone else care to comment?

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There is only one fish here. I thought it was a black when I first saw it but on bringing it closer, I was sure it was a brown. It had very serrated pectoral spines. Blacks just never looked like this one to me. 

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Another pic of the bullhead

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Well, blacks will have serrated pectoral spines as well, but they may be smaller than browns. Another thing pointing to black is the very dark fins, especially the black membranes between pale rays on the anal fin, something that browns lack.

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Looks like a gigantic black bullhead to me.

mike b

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Yes, blacks have serrations but these were long and saw like. Also, I just looked at the brown bullhead species page and photos of other brown bullhead and they all have black between the anal fin rays. This one came from dark water so it is going to look darker no matter what species it is. The main pic on the brown species page has the same mottling and yellow flecks on the flanks just like this one.

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I don't know if I'm willing to question anybody with an awesome hat like that.

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That hat came from my aunt in Maple Plain, MN.