Buffalo, Bigmouth Goldenfishberg



Date Caught: 
Monday, July 17, 2017
HOLY MOSES GOT EEEM. Caught on the infamous Green mini mite jig
Strains, Subspecies, and Hybrids: 


FishingPals4Life's picture

Awesome Goldy!  I knew you'd get one!!! Congrats fishing Pal! 8)

Hengelaar's picture

Right on, dude!

Mini Mite strikes again! Not a sure thing at all, even at a spot so loaded with em. Sweet catch!

Fishn sure is neat

Graceclaw's picture

Hey, there ya go! Aren't they an insane fish to catch?

tom's picture

Nice!! Still trying to get one of these guys. Did you run the jig under a float or bounce it off the bottom?


andy's picture

Congrats bud!  

Goldenfishberg's picture

Thanks ya'll! Man these guys can be some undeniable, hard core, straight up Mean Gene dicks, but one wasn't as much of a dick for long enough to be caught and photoed.

tom - I was just casting at the roaming pods/herds of buffs and reeling my mini mite in slowly with no float and trying to get it to glamourously wiggle In front of their pie holes. Every so often one would take a fondness to me jig with a nice glance in it's direction, then one finally actually really truly did it.

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

Dr Flathead's picture

Very unpreDICKtable species for sure.  Congrats on your lifer Bigmouth man!

GeluNumber1's picture

Congrats on the lifer. I'm digging the hat too.


All fish are beautiful.

FP4LifesDad's picture

Nice fish brother, I knew it was just a matter of time for ya!  Congrats man and a big ole buff at that!

pmk00001's picture

So cool, man congrats brotha!!!!