Buffalo, Bigmouth Dan Morey



Presque Isle Bay, Lake Erie, PA
Date Caught: 
Monday, May 7, 2018
Bizarre catch. Endangered in PA. Hit a little pike spoon on the drop back.


Hengelaar's picture

Wow, that's a beauty, too!
And I see you employed the proven and dastardly tactic of not trying for (or probably even thinking about) Bigmouths, when you got him. Great catch. Wow, what a great looking fish!

Fishn sure is neat

Graceclaw's picture

Look how long it is! They're usually a bit fatter or more proportional. That's a ridiculously radical catch.

Dan Morey's picture

This tactic goes well beyond not thinking about buffalo. I didn't even know they existed in Pennsylvania! Though, after I caught it, I sorta recalled Divemaster maybe saying he saw some in his marina a few years ago. I thought it was a carp (they were busting on emerald shiners and hitting like crazy) and was gonna try to shake it off (1/2 mile wade to the nearest bank), but noticed its color was different. Figured I better land it and see what the hell it was. As I'm walking to the bank two carp come out of the reeds and start getting all spawny with the buffalo. Quite a sight, me walking these three freaks through the water. Wished I had one of those go-pro thingies all the kids are wearing!

Graceclaw's picture

With the kind of fishing you do, you would be an excellent candidate to wear one! Very unique and interesting approach, and you have all sorts of crazy stuff like this happen. I'd pay to see it...

yellofluke's picture

beautiful carp. trying to get into fishing for them.

Dan Morey's picture

It’s a buffalo, yellofluke! Native U.S. species. Don’t worry, everyone around here thought it was a carp too.

Graceclaw, maybe you’re right. Then I’d have some record of all the fish I can’t land because I wade in such stupid spots. Entertainment value would be high, too. Last week I had a gar attached to a Rapala and the Rapala attached to my crotch. Very glad I opted for the 5mm neoprenes.