Buffalo, Bigmouth

<p>Totally crazy day - I nailed 6 of these in 20 minutes using a yellow mini-mite jig. They must have been mistaking it for the strands of algae they were eating off the concrete wall they were near. It was literally like fishing for bass with a lure - only these are much, MUCH cooler...&nbsp;</p> <p>The best part was, after catching fish after fish, I had to get out of there because of all the dirty looks I was getting from all the other people around there who weren&#39;t catching ANYTHING :)</p>
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And THAT is how its done

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Congrats on the catches too.

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Nice catch, Gary.

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Thanks fellas! It was pretty satisfying to have figured out what worked on this particlar day. They had their heads down and were not clooping at the surface, meaning one of the ways to catch them at the surface was not going to work. I have never seen them congregate in the numbers they were right in the fast current by the walls near the dam, and I was worried about snagging them accidentaly because of the sheer numbers of them. However, the jig was small and I would not get hits or snags further out where the current was slower. Then it occurred to me that the buffalo near the wall might be feeding on algae there, so I started casting up to them and sure enough I hooked up right away. I was jazzed upon seeing he was hooked in the mouth, and after releasing him I thought "what the heck" and kept going. The ones by the wall would blast it every time, while those further away would not touch it. Every fish I caught was hooked in the mouth, and the three I lost I could see were also lip hooked, so it was definitely feeding activity and not just a lucky snag in the mouth of the fish. People around me who knew what I was catching were speechless. Then everyone wanted to see the jig I was using!

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Awesome. Also: Grrrr!


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That's insane man very cool