Buffalo, Bigmouth

<p>PB big mouth! Could never have happened if Casey didn’t get soaked head to foot landing it on slippery rip rap with a grotesquely&nbsp;underproportioned net. Truly exceptional landing</p>
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Sweet fish man!

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Fishn sure is neat

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Kickin' ass and takin' names! (to kick their asses later) 


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What a fish! Good stuff, Adam and Casey. 

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Awesome, dude.  

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Managed to catch this big bessie smith on 6lb floro, thank the high heavens for okuma steelhead rods. 

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

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It was an honor to battle against the great might buffalo at your side! We tamed the wild buffalo my man!

"I swear if you catch another drum"

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My hat's off to you guys. Way to go on the buffs.

"There's always a bigger fish"

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That's a helluva catch

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Awesome fish and great photos! 

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Proud of you guys! - nice teamwork and a hell of a fish!

Do not meddle in the affairs of BAGMAN, for thou art crunchy and good with Old Bay seasoning...


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that second photo says it all. 

Carpy Diem!

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I support group photos