Black Buffalo?

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Casey Shanaberger
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Black Buffalo?

Caught this buffalo in a local stream, not sure on the exact species. Was hoping I could have the experts chime in.

Giveaways/Characteristics that I see:


The lips are much fleshier than the smallmouth buffalo I have caught out of this watershed in the past, not sure how much that means with larger size

Eye Size/Position

Smallmouth (Confirmed) Eye


Unknown Buffalo Eye

I will quote a report I read about buffalo species.

One of the most significant characteristics of a buffalo is their eyes. The smallmouth buffalo have large jet black eyes – almost mesmerizing. I know of no other fish that has such hypnotic eyes. The black buffalo have much smaller eyes than the smallmouth. -Keith Melrose

I know the mouth is open on the second picture, but I will also say the head is much smaller on the smallmouth. The smallmouth weighed about 5 pounds, and this fish was about 8. 

The fish I caught today also had a much more cylindrical body than the typical deep shape you'd see from smallmouth.

Lastly, I have seen confirmed black buffalo from this watershed and have even snagged a textbook black in the past.


Any and all input is appreciated.



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I’d call that a black

I’d call that a black

Dr Flathead
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Looks like a black buff to me

Looks like a black buff to me as well

Tyler W

Look at those lips! Has to be a black.