Big Brookie

Wednesday, January 31, 2018
Trout, Brook
3 1/2-4 pounds

I hooked this Brook Trout while Redhorse fishing in Western North Carolina.


Susquehannock's picture

Wow, that really is a big brookie. And in January, and in the Eastern United States, and not from some big destination river...Yeah, I'm kinda jealous.


andy's picture

That's a chunker!

Goldenfishberg's picture

That is once heck of a speckler! Nice fish man! That's one fish I wouldn't scoff at as a by-catch while red-horsin that's fer dang sure

Ya just Can't catch um from the couch.

RoughFish's picture

Huge! Smoky mountains? I’ve got a trip for these at the end of the month planned but am expecting more like 3” versions of that monstrosity.

taldridge0321's picture

Yep, Smoky Mountains. I've only ever seen Brooks at about a pound max, this one was a little over four pounds. Thought it was a big Brown Trout until I saw it up close. Crazy how big it is.

RoughFish's picture

RoughFish's picture

After just returning from a weekend trip to the Smokies, I have an even greater appreciation for this fish..... one of those specimens that’s so big for its species that it looks gross. Congratulations again!

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Thanks! I was just lucky I think.