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Clear Lake IA
Date Caught: 
Sunday, January 8, 2017
Thanks for the great tips OD4Life that inspired this trip. In typical FP family fashion when we got there the bite had slowed, the ice was glare and polished to the point that the sled would slide around and one of us had to sit in it to keep it from blowing away at all times as the wind was howling. Lots of locals on the ice now and it's much thicker trucks all over it (not mine of course) quite a few people breaking ice screws then tieing off to their trucks lol. Right before dark and just after night fall a school moved under us and we got some, fun trip.


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You gotta love it when a plan comes together.  Great lifelist additions for both of you!

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Thank you buddy!  He got his lifer lota tonight, thats the most excited I've ever seen him, except maybe for his first musky!

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I am glad you and your son both connected.

It is all perspective!

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Thank you sir!  Would have never even thought about attempting it if it weren't for your article and probabaly would have never caught any without your great intel, thanks again man, really appreciated.  Anything we can ever assist with just ask away!