Bass, Spotted Gr8b8

Bass, Spotted
Claytor Lake State Park, VA
Date Caught: 
Sunday, October 20, 2019
Alabama bass have been genetically verified to be in this reservoir. Also, My scale counts said Alabama Bass and not Spotted Bass with 8 scales above the lateral line. Feel free to give me your opinions please.


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I haven't seen anything about Alabama bass around here before.  Got a source you can link?

I do know they're in some lakes in North Carolina, so I'm not surprised, just hadn't heard anything before.




Let there be fire!

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Yeah, these two species can't be ID'd 100% sure by physical characteristics alone.  The safest bet is to make sure there are no Spots in the system (example:  Lake Norman, NC).  That said, the photo fits the standard Alabama Bass description.  I tried to count the LL scales - looks OK, but can't be sure because the resolution isn't high enough.  Maybe you can count them on your original photo? (more than 71 LL scales points toward Alabama).